Enjoy... the beach!

Domburg has nice and diverse beaches, where you can enjoy the sea and the wide spread sand beaches. The beaches of Domburg have officially been announced to be a clean environment (which is known in Dutch as “badstatus”). Enjoy the Domburg lifestyle to the fullest in our little hotel on the foot of the dunes!


Enjoy... delicious food!

In Domburg there is a lot of variety in restaurants. Pancake house Vierwegen serves delicious pancakes. You can collect your coupon at the hotel for some awesome promotions !


Enjoy... cycling!

The area where Domburg is located is perfect for long cycle tours. Relaxed cycling on dykes near the sea or just on the land sights in between.


Enjoy... new places!

There is a lot more towns to discover in Walcheren than just Domburg. Visit the historical city of Veere or go on a shopping spree in the beautiful center of Middelburg !


Enjoy... sports!

Here in Domburg and the surrounding areas there is a endless possibility to sport ! Not only cycling and walking are very popular, but surfing is quite the sport of choice ! Domburg also has a subtropical swim-paradise with a bowling alley and wellness center. And last but not least the Golf course is just a few meters away.